If you are looking to register for one of our leagues, it's a really quick and simple process. Just follow the steps below that tells you everything you need to know:

We currently operate from facilities in the following locations:
For most leagues there is an entry fee but for some we will offer a reduced price and in some instances we will offer this for free. The cost of matches each week are a minimum of N10,000 (depends on facility) for the whole team, which should be paid online or by bank transfer prior to arriving for matches.
The match fee goes towards offsetting some of the hire cost of the pitch, the cost of the match manager, use of the match balls which are essential to the playing of the competitive sport and general admin.
Match fees can be paid via the website, at registration or subsequently through your profile. Payments can also be made via bank transfer. Please contact us for our bank details.
This depends on how many teams are in each division, but usually a season lasts about 12 weeks. We operate rolling seasons meaning after your current league season ends a new one will commence the following week.
Generally, there are 6-12 teams in each division. However, in the early grading leagues, this may differ slightly.
8 players can be used in 5-a-side games (5+3 subs); 9 players can be used in 6-a-side games (6+3 subs)
We operation a flexi-squad system where you can use any amount of players through the season. A team is allowed no more than 2 guest players per match and all guest players names should be submitted to the HIVE League Management three (3) days before your match.
We will have a selection of kick offs within the league and we will do our best accommodate specific requests.
Each game is played in a 30 slot. The active play time will last 26 to 28 minutes with the remainder allocated to rest break.
Yes, we supply all necessary equipment. We use professional quality balls for all of our leagues.
Yes, we supply a match officials and managers for all of our matches.
There are a number of different pitch types ranging from water based astro to 5G astro natural grass. This makes every venue unique and it differs as to what is allowed or disallowed. We will advise you on what footwear may be best for your venue.
All teams must wear matching colours. This could be your own kit or same coloured shirts, or in many cases our match managers will supply you with kits.
No, but it is advisable, all players play at their own risk.
All Captains will be sent the rules and regulations which they must agree and sign to before being accepted into the leagues. We expect that Captains will disseminate ALL pertinent information to their team members. Captains are fully responsible for their teams and their behaviour and are the sole point of contact between the team and The HIVE Leagues Management.